Saturday, May 21, 2016

Murphy's Law Takes Effect

We finally made it home with our new Wolf Creek 840 today, after a month's worth of travails. Our initial effort was thwarted by a truck breakdown. A month ago I started the truck to pull it under our camper only to have it go berserk. After a week of towing and diagnostics it appeared that the previous week's repair had introduced a metal part into the intake of cylinder #7 and that did not set well with the valves, glow plug, injector, or piston. Long story short -- new stuff in the motor and now she runs like new! So a new trip to the camper dealer was scheduled.

The run to Boise was uneventful except for the really bad ride near Glenn's Ferry. I felt like I was on the back of a bucking bronco what with the 80 lbs in the tires and the new upper and lower stableloads engaged. As we arrived at Nelson's RV we were greeted by Carl, who was witness to our aborted attempt a month earlier. Carl is one of those guys who really knows his business, or at least puts up a darn good show of it! He told me that he figures he's prepped hundreds of truck campers for folks over the years.

Since we had done the walk-through the month before I backed right up to the camper and followed Carl's instructions as he guided me underneath. I had never done this before yet I swore that he had me crooked as a dog leg until I stepped out and found the camper sitting square and even. Carl got it on with less than a 1/4 inch of difference between the two sides. I began to listen to him with more confidence as he continued to talk about what to watch for and how to do things. sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ego and admit when someone has a definite leg up on you!

Here's the Admiral and I posing as proud new TC'ers in front of our new WC 840. We have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Upon leaving the dealership I immediately pulled over and called the insurance company so I could cover any subsequent accident I might have. Having taken care of that we then proceeded to drive to Bruneau Dunes State Park for our first night. They had a site with water and electric so I could run all the appliances and systems and check them out for problems. There were none except for operator error (couldn't figure out the lack of hot water until I found the bypass valve, then all was well).


This camper is really quiet. We couldn't hear the kids next door screaming, the dogs barking or the wind howling. I have a feeling I will come to appreciate it! Anyway, I will post some real data and first impressions in the next post.

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