Friday, April 15, 2016

The Suspension Be Bumpin'!

Just a quick note -- we took the truck to town this morning and I drove around a bit to test out the Stableloads engaged on the city streets (they're the worst in the county). The ride into town on the interstate was a bit stiffer than usual but not too bad. It is a truck after all. There were no funky slapping sounds or squeaks from the springs as some have reported.

Railroad crossings were their usual annoying bumpy selves and the truck is a bit higher in the rear than normal. I did not have to readjust my mirrors or driving to accommodate. All in all a satisfying performance from the Torklift enhancements -- unloaded.

Tomorrow will be the test of how the rig handles the camper on the highway. The Central Idaho section of interstate 15 is known for its high winds and has some sections of pretty bumpy concrete. There are wind turbines along the way and lots of places we can pull off and spend the night if we choose. No worries there.

I will chronicle the dealer visit on this blog and will continue to assess my strategies and results. As a first time camper buyer/user it will highlight the stresses and joys of the entire process. I love new learning experiences and intend to find out everything I can about this new method of adventure.

See you soon!

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