Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sewage Junky?

Yes, it is fascinating to work your own portable septic system. I have memories of Dad working in the back yard trying to get the drainfield to take more water. It always seemed to happen over the holidays too. No, this type of camper doesn't need anything but a suitable receptacle occasionally to be perfectly happy.

The sewer hose is typically found inside an RV's bumper, and we do have the space there allotted for it. However The Wolf Creek has another tube mounted outside the camper just above the truck bed for another hose. Here's a pic:

This was a stroke of genius in my opinion. What can we do with the other storage spot? Well fishing rods of course! The bumper tray even has a slide out tray to hold other items. It's also locked, which is a good thing for expensive rods.

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