Saturday, May 28, 2016

Inside the Outside Pt. 2

This contraption is high on the driver side wall near the rear corner. It is the vent for the kitchen cooktop hood fan. Yep, we used it last weekend and I was unimpressed. But wait! See the little tab that has been rotated over the flapper to keep it from opening during storage and transport? No wonder the fan didn't suck! We'll need to remember to disable those tabs when we use the camper from now on.

Near the front driver's side corner on the front wall is the plug for the truck wiring . I was not familiar at all with this style plug and was glad I had the pigtail provided. I wouldn't have known which connector to choose or which pin did what.

The usual furnace vents. Ho hum...

The refrigerator vent panel. I haven't got a clue as to what is behind it but I can't find the tool to open it either. Maybe it's in the kit of instructions.

This is the pass-through from under the refrigerator into the truck bed. We use it for extra storage of water and other cargo that is weather proof. It doesn't seal very well and seems to be a weakness in the four season concept. I will need to put some better weather stripping around it. And how about a paint finish that's a bit more resistant to moisture?!! Just because it's the inside of an interior door doesn't mean it won't get wet.

Note the gas line that enters the camper using the same corrugated plastic. I need to seal that hole as well. Mice in the camper would be a crisis of huge proportions.

This is the top view.  Nine penetrations if you count the entire roof rack as one. There is a nice plug for solar just behind the bath skylight. Everything is caulked and sealed. It actually looks like a professional did it and did it well. With my luck it will be the TV antenna (not used ever) that leaks first. There is no justice in this life.

Detail of the front panel/rubber top transition and the rain spout. There is a spout on each corner. Seems like they will be the first casualty if we get too close to a tree branch. They do work very well and I will be mad if anything happens to one. I hope the Admiral is careful when she goes on her trip to see her friend in a month or so.

So that is the outside except for the rear wall. I'll get to that next. There are some places that I feel could use a touch up of sealant so I need to order some -- not sure what product to use yet. I really like the 3M products I use to use when we were boating (4200 and 5200). Until then, keep on truckin'.

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